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Every few days I hear something that will spark my interest - I look up something about Led Zeppelin, and I get lost for an hour or two reading everything in my path. I once read that while writing songs for Zeppelin, Robert Plant was reading several books of poetry that served as inspiration. I did not think to write down the title, but I now very much want to know what poetry Plant was reading that served as inspiration. I would like to read it. Unfortunately I cannot find it, and I've been looking. All I can remember is that I read of several different examples, I believe two examples, of his reading books of poetry from '69 to '73. So, the answer is out there somewhere.

Hi Max!

There's no real specifics I can find regarding poetry but Robert immersed himself in books on his homeland and the Welsh and Celtic history. "Magical Arts of Celtic Britain" by Lewis Spence is one. And of course he was obsessed with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Tolkien.  

I'll keep trying for more specifics and post a follow up when I can.  Thanks.

Hope this helped!

Chris Z.  

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