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Hi Mike
I'm finally selling all my vinyl, and being a big Led Zep fan I have plenty to sell, including bootlegs.
I have done my research, but the one thing I can't find is the actual labels on the records themselves differs from any images I have found on the net.
For example, my copy of Earls Court May 25th 1975 has as the label -
Dragonfly Records presents 'the sounds of the 60's' Musical Documentary.?
Bonzos birthday party has one with just a white blank label and the other is in german and is titled 'Teufel folk songs' ??
My question is in terms of bootlegs are these bootlegs of bootlegs?
and any thoughts on their value?
Much appreciate your help

Hi Robert

Back in the 70s, it was relatively commonplace for someone to take an existing bootleg and make it their own with a different title, label, and cover.  Since most of this activity was contemporaneous with the original releases, they weren't considered a "bootleg of a bootleg", but rather a "reissue", perhaps a more polite term.

As for the strange labels you mention, those are legit (so to speak).  Many bootleggers were known to print nonsensical info on their labels as a means for evading the authorities.  Example: "What, you think I'm producing a bootleg recording?  Look here, these are German folk songs!"  Same thing with blank labels - just a standard tactic to disguise the record's actual contents.
Many Dragonfly records have the distinctive "Sounds of the 60s" slogan on their labels, with little or no track information.
Not sure, but the "Teufel folk songs" label may be connected to a Wizardo release, but either way, authentic from the era.

Values have fallen off a bit for items like these, but one could still seek $25-30 per disc, assuming at least VG+ condition.


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