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I have owned a copy of Live On Blueberry Hill (White Labels + Sleeve, typewritten notes, with a printed A4 size graphic of the atomic explosion, on red/yellow media)on Mushroom Records since I found it in a clearance sale when I was 14 (quite some time ago now - but I remember it cost me 2.50/about $4 dollars at the time). I have found numerous references to red/blue/white media copies on other labels but never the red/yellow on Mushroom
It appears to be a high quality pressing (clearly I had more sense at 14 than I do at 40) and the sound quality is as good as any other Led Zep recordings I have from early 70's.

The typewritten notes make specific reference to a concert in Sydney during 1971

I have been told previously that:

a) I must be colourblind as this combination was never released on Mushroom Records

b) it is a genuine Mushroom issue, but only a handful of this colour vinyl were produced to issue to Australian DJ's during an early 70's tour (this was from someone who had worked on that tour, but he was possessing a somewhat hazy memory of the subsequent 3 decades)

Any information you may have would be most welcome -

Hi Andy

Your eyes did not deceive - though relatively rare, there were copies of Mushroom's "Live On Blueberry Hill" pressed to solid red/yellow vinyl.  Quite hard to find, since a vast majority were pressed with red/blue or multi-colored "splattered" color configurations.
No worries about your copy being genuine, as it should be noted that bootlegs from this era (Mushroom, TMOQ) had multiple variations of packaging, labeling, and vinyl.

That's an interesting side note about these possibly being pressed for Australian DJs.  I'm a bit doubtful that these DJs were recipients of these special vinyl pressings, but one can't be sure either way.  It wouldn't have been the early 70s, as the record was likely pressed no earlier than 1976.
All colored vinyl editions of this release have always been desirable, even those in slightly worn condition. To state the obvious, a very wise initial investment...this copy is worth around 50x your original cost!  


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