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Ocean wrote at 2006-06-29 06:33:05
Not sure what Carmen does - but I do know that Jimmy Page's eldest daughter Scarlett is a very successful and respected photographer.

Cheers - Ocean

Johnny K wrote at 2007-01-10 05:39:21
I can tell you that Roberts ex wife Maureen is half East Indian and white.  Maureens father was white and her mother was Hindu.  Robert as a teen would love going to her home.  He said it was the first time he was ever introduced to another culture.  And it was also the first time he tried East Indian food, which he loved.  He spent a lot of time there, he loved talking to Maureens mother and her relatives.  It really opened his eyes to East Indian culture, tradition and family.  When Robert and Maureen were old enough, they got married with both family's blessings.  

Crystal wrote at 2007-11-07 14:26:55

Carmen Jones is a Belly Dancer!

She teaches and Performs around the West country.

From Crystal.

Angiepooos wrote at 2008-12-16 20:17:03
Re the last answer that Robert Plant lives in Wales, England, I just had to laugh. Only an American could write such a thing. In the UK Wales and England are separate countries divided by a border and independent from each other.  Each is proud of its independence.

Brian wrote at 2008-12-22 23:55:19
Wales is not in England, but it is a country within the UK.

Robert Plant is very interested in Wales and its history.

Gareth Thomas wrote at 2009-03-09 20:10:22
Wales is not in England.  Wales is a seperate country with its own language and identity.  It is next door to England.

zoso wrote at 2009-03-15 00:09:15
in 1978 the plants had a boy Logan Romero who now sings in the sons of albion since the divorce plant had at least 1 son who is about 17 who plays drums

susanl wrote at 2009-07-31 10:38:47
He is 30.robert plants son logan that is.he is in the band albion and page and plantcome to the shows.logan is also  newlywed

Patricia wrote at 2009-08-12 01:57:14

It is Jimmy Page's daughter Scarlet that is the photographer in the front row.  She is sitting beside Ross Halfin.  He is a rock photographer and very good friend to Jimmy Page.  Scarlet is the professional photographer and has her own website as does Ross Halfin who often talks about his outings with Jimmy on his site.

Carmen is married to Charlie Jones.  The bassist on the Unledded album.  Carmen is a belly dancer.  She teaches it also.  You can see her on YouTube.  His son Logan is married and is in the band Sons of Albion.  You can also see him on YouTube.  Robert has another son Jesse whose mother is Maureen's sister Shirley.  Robert has been involved with Maureen's sister for a long time.  In fact at the same time he was married to Maureen and beyond.  It is said that The Rain Song was written for Shirley.

You can also go to the site Family Zepp and see lots of pictures of family there.  There is a recent one with Carmen and her children and Maureen and Robert eating lunch on his birthday last year.  

There is also a very recent picture of Robert, Carmen, Logan and Jesse.  Robert received an award from Prince Charles.  The award is the Commander of the British Empire (CBE)  You can see the 3 children.  I believe it was taking a few weeks ago. His children are gorgeous!

Although Page, Plant and Jones are very private you can still find some things out by spending time researching on the computer.

Hope this helps.


LedHead wrote at 2009-11-21 02:38:35
Actually, Jimmy Page's daughter Scarlet is the pro photog. Robert Plant's daughter is a pro belly dancer

jenna wrote at 2012-11-08 23:44:16
hi robert i live in berea ohio how are you my dad loves led zepplin we love your band when wll you have a  led reuion have a good day jenna

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