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Hi I need an opinion, essence of the story is, we rented a place, landlord assaulted my husband police were call. The landlord assaulted my husband as she wanted us to leave the windows open when we were not at home and we told her its not safe to do this. She's since that day dreamt up that we said something about her son's father in law. Which we didn't. On the days off she would come down and demand that we clean the garden esp. when I was sick. She then resorted to calling me a mere house wife.

She thinks that because we said something which we didn't that it's defamation, now what is defamation isn't what she said about me defamation that I'm a mere house wife? Just seeking an opinion on this.


Defamation is a: 1) statement of fact; 2) which the maker knows to be false; 3) which is false; 4) made to a third party; 5) intending to lower the reputation; 6) which does lower the reputation of the recipient; 7) causing damages.

Statements of opinions do not amount to defamation.  Based upon your statements, it would be difficult to believe either was actionable for defamation.

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Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D

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