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Legal Ethics/Held against will accused of fake money refused service


My Fiance and I was stopped at the cash register after handing the cashier a new one hundred dollar bill.The manager was called to check the money ststandard process.  The manager looked at the bill and told the cashier and I to hold on, he called another manager to the front. He told me he was going to go get change. The second manager met him at the office, approximately 10 minutes later the second  manager returned but to only open a register for the now waiting customer's. The cashier who was checking me out, said "I have the change to give him" the manager replied "no don't give out all of your change". She replied "im not I have it to give". The manager ignored her, I asked if I could just have my money back and I'll go somewhere else.  The manager continues to ring up Customers as if I wasn't talking to her. After not giving me my money or my change the police walk in the door asking who called walked over to my fiance and I and the first manager finally came out, walked over to us handed police the money and said it was fake, he didn't see transparent marks. The officer checked the bill and said this bill is real but still I ended up having to show him an extra 2 one hundred dollar bills.  While the officer held my money in the air checking the numbers another officer walked in the store and said I can see the transparent marks from here, did you use you use money marker"? Manager replied "No" the officer then replied "well there real but you don't have to accept them if you don't want to". The manager handed me my money and said no refused my service and walked away. All this took place at the cash register at the front of the store in front of everyone, never apologized or anything.  Is this legal?


I am sorry you went through an embarrassing situation like this.  I do not give legal advice but there is nothing that you stated that seems unethical or illegal.  You were not held against your will so there is not a false imprisonment case.  You were not arrested so there is not a case for false arrest.

I suggest that you handle this case as you would with any unsatisfactory business experience and you boycott the store and spread the word to your friends.

Very truly yours,

Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

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