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Hi! My grandfather bought a life insurance policy in 2003. It's supposed to pay out 10,000     He now has paid in 15,000 but they say the family will only get 10,000 once he passes away. Also he may not stop paying in because that will terminate the plan and he will lose the 15,000.  Is that legal? And, is there any way to roll the money into another life insurance policy?

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Your grandfather most like purchased a term life insurance policy which means that there is no equity built into the policy and it is for the term of $10,000.  If it is a term policy and he stops paying, there may not be any benefit received.  This is not only legal, this is the way term life insurance works.

Your grandfather needs to speak to an insurance agent to find out if he can roll it into a different policy.

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Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

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