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I recently was at an old co-workers house and we were discussing the stresses and frustration of some  of my current co-workers. I did ask that they kept this conversation between the two of us, as i was just venting and explained this to them, but I later learned they had recorded it and were having some of the people of topic listen to the parts I said. The only purpose of this was to make me look bad and now things are much worse at work. I am curious if there is any legal recourse to obtain and delete the recording at least. I'm in Nebraska if that matters.


This is more of a legal question that ethics.  I am not licensed to practice law in Nebraska; however, it is my understanding that Nebraska is a one-party recording state.  This means that someone can tape record a conversation as long as one party is aware of the taping.  In other words, it would not be legal to leave a recorder in a room and have 2 unknowing parties talk among themselves but is within the boundaries of the law if the party recording is present for the conversation.  

Since the person recording knew of the recording, it would appear to be legal.

To determine the laws of Nebraska to respond to whether you have recourse to delete the recording, you would need to speak with an attorney in Nebraska.

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