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I have to do a debate arguing that interest groups and lobbying inhibit democracy, is their any way that you can help me with my assertions?


The main argument is that such professionals disproportionately affect government policy.  Democracy is generally defined as rule by the majority.  Typically, this is understood to mean that if a majority of people want something, a responsive government would accommodate those policy wishes.

The reality, however, is that influential businesses with money and power have the ability to thwart the wishes of the majority in many cases.  The majority can always vote out the leaders, but since they don't feel strongly about many issues, many legislative votes will not impact their decision.  Also, interest groups and lobbyists can provide campaign funds necessary for reelection.  They can also provide benefits to legislators in the form of trips, certain types of gifts or favors, which make the legislator more focused on their policies.  Most voters also don't have the regular access to legislators that well funded interest groups or lobbyists have.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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