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Recently I've been writing more emails to my senators and congressman, especially since we are urged to do so "in order to make our voices heard", but I'm wondering if it really does any good.  One particular senator is ultra-conservative, and my views are diametrically opposed to his, so I'm wondering if my time would be better spent supporting organizations that are fighting for the causes I believe in, rather than expressing my views to someone who will most likely vote according to his own conservative beliefs and those of his most generous campaign donors.  Is it a waste of time to write to a rep who is my political and social opposite?  Do our letters and phone calls really have any impact on our representatives?

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In general you are right. If you really disagree with your rep, it may be better to work to defeat him next time.

Sometimes you may want to help an organization that has a campaign on and wants to build its numbers. And there may be less ideological issues where your rep might be swayed. And there are rare examples - raising the minimum wage recently - where a rep may cave to pressure. But generally you are right.  

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