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Every President of the US had a Charismatic style of Leadership.

A difficult question to you, on a personal note can you pick two names of the Presidents whom you admire with reasons ?

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Probably the two I admire most are also the two most famous.  This is largely because they deserve their fame.

George Washington was an amazing man.  He actually performed most of his most important work before becoming President.  As Commander in Chief of the Army during the Revolution, he took great risks to win the war against overwhelming odds.  He also showed amazing character in dealing with other officers, with Congress, and even with the enemy.  Many historians argue that there is no way the US could have won the War without Washington.  At the end of the War, many soldiers who had not been give the pay they were promised and were basically being left to starve by Congress wanted to march on the Capital and demand their rights.  This very easily could have led to an insurrection that ended the experiment with Democracy.  Most Revolutions end with a military coup that installs a dictator.  Washington could have very easily become that dictator.  Instead, he convinced his army to stand down and to be more patient with Congress.   In doing so he gave Democracy a chance to start.

As President, Washington took a relatively weak role compared to Presidents today.  He respected Congress as the Preeminent branch and tried to follow its dictates.  He made an effort to keep adversaries together and to remain united.  As a result, he is still the only President to be elected by the electoral college unanimously, and he did it twice.

The other President who tops my list is Abraham Lincoln.  Again, this is not an original idea as he is probably the most honored President by most Americans, even surpassing Washington.  But he did a great deal to earn this reputation.  The fact that he ended slavery was probably the greatest single act by any President since the birth of the Republic.  The fact that he kept the states together in a single union was also an amazing feat that few might have accomplished.  Once the war was coming to an end, Lincoln had hoped to normalize relations with the South as quickly as  possible, not exacting punishment for their treason.  Had he lived, the healing probably would have gone much better for the South.

In addition to these great feats, Lincoln also signed a number of other laws into place which had great effect on the nation.  He authorized building the Transcontinental Railroad and the Homestead Act.  Both of these were critical to opening the West and allowing Americans to develop the land.  

Lincoln certainly has his detractors.  Among some Southerners he is seen a tyrant who waged war on his own citizens, destroyed much of the South.  He acted as military dictator, arresting people without trial and denying First Amendment rights.  He even arrested state legislators because he did not like they they intended to vote.  He probably would not be thought of as a great civil libertarian, but to be fair, he lived in particularly difficult and violent times.  The fact that he was able to bring the US through it at all, regardless of the means used, was a superhuman achievement.

Also the fact that he achieved all this without coming from a wealthy or prominent family, and never receiving a formal education is something I have always found particularly admirable.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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