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We are examining election of new group of GOP legislators but are having difficulty finding other election/profile research on state elections- any ideas or are state legislative elections really the step-child of electoral research

Hi Rob--

If there is an online source of actual election results, by candidate, I can't find it. The National Council of State Legislatures gives the party breakdown of seats; ballotpedia.org does that too, and also lists the names of the winners. But I can't find any source that tells you how many votes each candidate got.

If you want to probe more deeply, I have a couple of ideas: 1) Call the National Conference of State Legislatures, they should know if this exists; 2) The late Malcolm Jewell of the University of Kentucky was working on a historical archive of state legislative election data, but I don't know if anyone carried it on - he died in 2010. The political science department at Kentucky might know, or maybe the staff at the Legislative Studies Quarterly.

All I know - hope it helps!


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