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QUESTION: Dear Michael‎

What could be the reasons that Democracy has been accepted by most of the countries in the world as a government type and Dictatorship type of government has been accepted by minimum number of
countries ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hello,

Democracy tends to be a more stable and long lasting form of government since, by definition, a majority of the people support the government.

Dictatorships tend to survive only where a small number of people are able to keep the majority from exerting any political will.  This tends to be more common in countries where people have less education and fewer economic resources.  It can also be in a smaller country where power is exerted by an outside power using military or economic aid to keep a dictator in control.  There are a few instances of relatively wealthy countries maintaining dictatorships through use of wealth to keep the population compliant (e.g. some of the mid-east oil powers) but usually when a country gets wealth, and as a result more education, dictatorships tend to fail.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

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QUESTION: Dear Michael

Thank you.

What is your opinion about this government system type ?.

There will be also few countries in the world who have adopted this type
of system ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Communism was largely a 20th Century phenomenon, at least as it is understood in modern times.  It was a reaction to the inequality brought about by the industrial revolution.  In theory, it was supposed to be a form of anarchy, where the state would "wither away" because equality among people made state power largely unnecessary.  However, in practice, it became a form of dictatorship where a single person or small cadre controlled the country and attempted to impose its will on the people.

Because it turned out to be a dictatorship that was based on violence and was also very economically inefficient, most Communist governments eventually failed.  The Soviet Union was the first and largest.  It also imposed communist governments on eastern Europe, all of which fell when the Soviet Union collapsed.  Communism still exists largely intact in a few countries, such as North Korea and Cuba, but even there it is held in place primarily by a strong government that forces it on people through violence and the threat of violence.  China is still nominally Communist and does not have democratic elections, but it has also given up most of the economic policies that define Communism.  Leaders are not elected but are highly attuned to the views of the people that might lead to revolution.

In short, because it is in practice a form of dictatorship, it may survive in the short term but is not likely to remain in place as a long term government that lasts several centuries.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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