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I apologize if this is not something you can answer. I couldn't find any other place to look at.

I read on wikipedia that "normally", the President can appoint the commissioner that will serve as the Chairperson for an independent government agency (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_agencies_of_the_United_States_governmen).

What do they mean by "normally"? Because when I read that word, I think that there are certain circumstances where he can't appoint a chairperson? Are those circumstances only when the chairperson has not completed their term, or is it something else?

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There are some independent commissions where the Chair is not appointed by the President.  For example, the Federal Election Commission has a six person Commission.  Although the Commissioners are appointed by the President, subject to Senate confirmation, the Commission Chair rotates among the Commissioners so that one of the six Commissioners serves as Chair for one year during his or her six year term.  The President has no say over who will chair the Commission in any given year.  Since Commissioners serve six year terms, the Chair in any given year might have been appointed to the Commission by the current President's predecessor.

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