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When the health care site has problems, why does everyone blame Obama? Isn't it more of a computer problem? Yell at the people in charge of the computers, I know Obama himself doesn't do the 'dirty work", he gets someone else to do it. One thing I have learned through the years is the more important the person, the less physical work they will do.

Hi Joyce,

Of course President Obama does not design the web site himself, but he is ultimately the one responsible for any problems in government.  He appoints the heads of the various departments, who in turn make decisions on how to proceed in developing new projects such as the health care site.  When a high profile project like that fails, people put pressure on their elected leader to make the necessary changes.  The people cannot directly force a computer contractor to be fired.  But they can make clear to their elected President that he needs to deal with the problem.  The President then needs to respond by firing those who are incompetent and hiring others who hopefully will do a better job.

- Mike  

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