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I hope there is an easier way to learn about passing laws. I'm lost as to finding a good website(government or not) that details what is happening with any state or federal, senate or house bills that have been introduced. Would appreciate some good help to learn more on the process bills must go through before actually becoming law.

Specifically I'm currently trying to research Rhode Island state HB5480 which was first introduced as HB7655 Feb 12,2014 (why do they change names and what's happened to it? Thank you for your help.

Dear Chris,

Is this a bill about geoengineering? That's what I get when I go to http://status.rilin.state.ri.us/ and search for that number. The name and number changed because this is a new legislature, elected in 2014 -- when the old legislature ended, all pending bills expired and had to be resubmitted and renumbered.

The parent site, from which to look for all sorts of information about bills in RI, is http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/Legislation/.

I hope this helps! I'm not really much of an expert on Rhode Island.



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