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why did wilson's approach to politics rejected in 1921 ish!

Voters vehemently rejected Wilson's party and politics in the 1920 elections, and even before that in the 1918 Congressional elections where his party suffered heavy losses.  The primary reason for that was simple: WWI.  In his 1916 bid for reelection, President Wilson ran heavily on the theme of having kept the country out of war (WWI having started in 1914).  The US had a long and powerful history of isolationism and wanting to remain out of foreign wars.  When President Wilson entered the War in 1917, support for him and his party plummeted.

Not only did President Wilson take the country into war, but also wanted to be a big part of rebuilding Europe nations as modern republics.  The American people largely wanted no part of this.  Many of them, or their parents had fled Europe to avoid being drawn into the many recurring wars on that continent.  They also did not want the US to be actively involved in foreign affairs, which would result in a neglect of domestic issues considered more important.  

The result of this rejection was a move back to the traditional Republican control of Congress and the Presidency that had dominated since the Civil War.

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