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Hello Mr. Troy,

I have a question, can a judge claim or state a person is "menace to society" in a court of law without evidence to support the claim?

What constitutes a menace to society excactly?

A judge recently made a statement in a court of law stating that he feels the person/defendant was a menace to society. The defendant has no criminal history, no criminal record, just a DMV report with an infraction for driving using a cell phone.

Can a judge make such a statement using only a DMV record?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you

If the judge simply stated his view that the defendant was a menace there is no real legal implication.  Menace is simply another word for "danger".  If the judge acted in some way on the fact that the defendant was a danger to society based on a record of driving while talking on the cell phone, that judgment might be subject to appeal.  This is really a legal question that requires more detail and should be answered by an attorney who is familiar with the local law and court practices involved.

- Mike

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