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hello sir

Siri am from India. Sir why presidents position is called as highest position.He is also a man then if anyone becomes presidents means why he is a great person.



Under US law, the President is just like any other person.  He has no privilege or exemption from laws.  The Presidency is a very powerful position and the competition to reach that office usually ensures that the winner is a highly competent person.  Athough, I would say that many of the people who have held that office were far from great.  

The Constitution and traditions of government practice vest the President with a great deal of authority in many areas.  Therefore the President can have a significant impact on many elements of US society and the world at large.  But the President is considered such an important position because it is vested in must one man.  In some ways the Supreme Court is more powerful, since it can bar Presidential actions that are unconstitutional.  But there are nine Supreme Court Justices, so no one justice has that power.  Similarly, Congress is more powerful than the President in many ways.  It can impeach and remove a President from office.  It has the authority to override most presidential actions through the passage of laws.  It can prevent Presidential actions by withholding money.  Congressional power, however is divided among 100 Senators and 435 House members, so no one person is able to exercise Congressional power either.

By contrast, the President is the head of the executive department by himself.  That gives him the power to exercise great authority within that branch without having to get others to agree with him.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

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