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Dear Blue,

Hi. How are you? I hope you remember me.

Seperating from my husband went well for about two days while we worked out living arrangements then things went down hill from there.

He suggested  that we should have both stayed in our  home, and simply slept in seperate bedrooms while we are separated. I explained that I didn't believe that was the best idea, because we would be in the same situation we are now, and if we really wanted to see how things turned out we both needed time away from one another to figure it out.

As soon as I said that, he became enraged and began accusing me of an affair. Saying I wouldn't mind staying in our home unless it interfered with whatever I had going on that I didn't want him knowing about. I kept calm and explained I wasn't having an affair, but just thought it best if we saw what it was like without the other.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to convince him, and he refused to leave saying I was free to go, but our baby stayed with him. Well of course I wasn't leaving my daugher, so to avoid futher controversy I agreed to his sererate bedrooms idea.  I also heightened any suspension he may have had. I'm being careful. Deleting everything, New email address, etc... I'm not doing anything worth hiding right now. I just don't know what to do right now. He proved to me that he's not above using our daugher to get what he wants. So I've come to a stand still. Unable to make any move without him breathing down my neck. Where do I go from here? Any suggestion on how I should proceed? I know this is going to take time, but things have already become tense between us and its only been a week. I don't know how to figure out if I truly want to leave him, if I'm always around him. I'm sure I'm a lesbian, there is no doubt in my mind concerning that. But I'll stay if him for the sake of our baby.


I am so sorry that things took a turn for the worse with your husband. I suspected that they probably would, which is why I recommended that you be really careful.

So by now you can see you are probably in a potentially abusive relationship?

Your husband may be capable of taking his wrath to the next step. He is already threatening you and using your daughter as a tool for his threats. Do you think he would hurt you?

The only thing that I can suggest is that you stay where you are for now. But never pass up an opportunity to tell him that you do not want to be with him but that you fear that he intends to hurt you and your child to get his way and that you would never let him under any circumstances hurt your child and that is the only reason you are there. Unless he is a true whack job- he will start realizing that what he is doing isn't exactly making you love him more. He might even start seeking company elsewhere.

I doubt that you are going to want to stay with him when you realize he is holding you prisoner. It's really not very endearing.

He is likely going to get worse before he gets better, so be prepared. Just be a good mother and do not be any nicer to him than you have to.

Be very careful, Emily.

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