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I've been with my girlfriend for quite a while now and we've done the basic lesbian sex. It's just becoming the same old routine and I don't want her to lose interest. I really need some advice or tips on how to spice up our sex life. Any advice would be great apart from the using toys option, they're cureently unavailable to us. Please help!

Hi Shelby

Thank you for the question:)

The best thing I can think of to do for you, is to send you to the following website:


It is a fantastic website all about women, and has a few really good sections on sex and things to spice up your sex life:) Have a read, and if it doesn't help, please come back and I will try again:)

Have fun!

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Lesbian: sexual problems, coming out, general questions about being gay:-) i came out when i was 17, and ive helped several ppl not just friends, come to terms and understand what its like to be gay, the kind of lifestyle it leads to or rather can lead to, medical issues, and just how to be happy with your choice of lifestyle.

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