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I first "came out" when I was 22. I knew I was gay since I was really young....7 to be exact! But I come from a very strict household whereby my mum controlled my every move man and my life was pretty much set in stone (she bought me my first medical set when I was 6 and now I'm a doctor!) So it wasn't until my early 20s that I really got tired of conforming and just did what felt right to me! Only problem is that I find it really hard to meet other like minded lesbians to be strictly friends with!

I'm 24 now so most people have their friendship groups. Being a doctor I don't have copious amounts of time to be out in gay clubs/bars and, considering my closets friends are straight, it's difficult to pluck up the courage to go by myself to these sorta of places!

I am also a femme and so everyone assumes I am straight! Femme invisibility is a huge problem for me! Even when I do find time to go to gay clubs, nobody ever approaches me because they think I am just another straight girl who wants to experience the gay scene.

I just want a group of like minded lesbian friends that I can go out to gay clubs/bars with, pride events etc. I really don't know the best way to go about it from my issues stated above! I live in London so I know you won't know of any exact places to go but a general idea of what to do would be great! I suppose this is to be expected when you explore your sexuality at such a late stage in life!

Hi Steph

Thank you for the question:)

Because social media has taken off in such an explosive manner, I thought I would suggest having a look on Facebook for any groups you could possibly join? Perhaps using Google as a start point. A lot of pages, if they are public, would come up in a search using Google. I did a wee search on just using lesbian femme groups and it came up with this article:

It suggests a group for like-minded women that you may perhaps find useful :)

Looks to be a site where groups list when they meet etc.

This one may be a little easier if you are based in London.

I hope some of these suggestions are of some use :))))
I wish you all the best, and I hope you meet some new friends/lovers and that you start enjoying yourself! Remember to stay safe, and yes I realise you are a doctor, but it still pays to be safe in all aspects of your life;)

Take care, and if there is anything else i can do, you know where to find me:)

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Lesbian: sexual problems, coming out, general questions about being gay:-) i came out when i was 17, and ive helped several ppl not just friends, come to terms and understand what its like to be gay, the kind of lifestyle it leads to or rather can lead to, medical issues, and just how to be happy with your choice of lifestyle.

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