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theres this girl i always see at the store, she always smiles at me and asks me if i found everything ok.....and she just keeps smiling at me and staring....well a few days ago i seen her and i got into another lane and she was there, but at a diff register and she seen me and was cheesing and grinning and she made a special effort to say hi too me and then she went to the register i was at to mess around with some bags and she kept lookin at me and she said bye still smiling......why is she acting this way? im a female also.

i did see her today, when she seen me she put her head down and gave the customer her change....but when i went to her register she had this big  smilie on her face and motioned for me to get into her lane....she then put her closed sign up after i got into her lane.....she asked me the usual and then kept smiling at me showing all her teeth.........then as the girl was going to walk with me, some other chic who was working at a register was like (to the girl i like) is that your natural hair color too turn her attention from me ......this other girl she looks like a big man but shes a girl..... the girl i like did turn and tell me bye and started smiling at me...and turned to start talking to the other girl....what should i do?  
my brother thinks she has a crush on me...and is waiting on me to ask her out, but i dont know

Hi Jessica,

Well, it sounds like she might be interested but she could also just be friendly. What I would do is make an effort to go to the store a few more times (be brave) and be in her line and make conversation with her. This will help you to gauge the situation a little better. Plus, if you just go in and ask her out it might seem a little weird. Talk to her a few times with more than just "Hi" and then if it feels right, ask her out. You have nothing to lose and it's better than always wondering. I wouldn't just go in and ask her out because it would be very embarassing if she is just being friendly. Talk to her and see what happens.

Good luck! I hope you get a date with her!

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I can answer questions about lesbian relationships, dating, coming out, what to do if you like someone who isn't a lesbian, and how to know if you or someone else is a lesbian. I am also willing to be a friendly ear to anyone who just needs someone to talk to-sometimes that is all we need.


I am a lesbian and have lived openly for over 15 years. I had to figure lesbian life out on my own because it wasn't socially acceptable when I came out. I belonged to gay clubs in college and have pretty much seen it all in the gay community. i am currently in a very happy lesbian relationship but I had to date a lot of toads before I found my princess. I've always been the advice giver for my friends. I just like to see people happy and talking to someone on the outside of the situation usually helps.

I volunteer for the local YMCA and served as a Big Sister until the local chapter ran out of money and closed.

I have an Associate's Degree in Humanities and a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications.

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