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Dear Alicia
Hello I am a eighteen year old female and I am in a sexual relationship with my
eighteen year old femal friend.
We have known each other for six years and our very close our family's know
each other and I go on family vacations with her family. we are so close we
spend nearly every weekend together since we live two blocks away from each
other but we dont go to the same school. we can finishe each others sentences
and we both have so many of the same interests but this year I told her that I
have sexual feelings for her and surprisingly she told me that she has had fantasies  
about me but she was to afraid to tell me that night we kissed and were intimate
with each other and were intimate quite a few times later and we are in a secret
relationship because we dont want our parents to know yet. but also this year i
have had major health problems ive had blood clots and a mild stroke and I found
out that I have bone cancer and she has been by my side day and night she's my
earth angel and is always in my corner im just afraid that I can't be there with
her and for her like she deserves since im manly in the hospital all the time now so if you could offer any advice on
what I should do to help keep my relationship and keep connecting with her id greatly apprecate it thank you so much -Devin

Hi Devin,

First, my sympathies for your health issues. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be that sick at such a young age. I you nothing but good health and a long and happy life.

I don't think you need to do anything different than what you have been doing. You need to put your focus on you and your health. Your girlfriend will be there for you. Just appreciate her and make sure she knows you appreciate her and just keep doing whatever it is the two of you have been doing to be so happy together. It sounds like she loves you very much and will see you through this.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You might have some ups and downs while your health is down but just stay strong and keep communication open. It sounds like you have a healthy relationship so just enjoy all the support she gives you through this.

I hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care.

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I can answer questions about lesbian relationships, dating, coming out, what to do if you like someone who isn't a lesbian, and how to know if you or someone else is a lesbian. I am also willing to be a friendly ear to anyone who just needs someone to talk to-sometimes that is all we need.


I am a lesbian and have lived openly for over 15 years. I had to figure lesbian life out on my own because it wasn't socially acceptable when I came out. I belonged to gay clubs in college and have pretty much seen it all in the gay community. i am currently in a very happy lesbian relationship but I had to date a lot of toads before I found my princess. I've always been the advice giver for my friends. I just like to see people happy and talking to someone on the outside of the situation usually helps.

I volunteer for the local YMCA and served as a Big Sister until the local chapter ran out of money and closed.

I have an Associate's Degree in Humanities and a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications.

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