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I just started to communicating with a women one month ago.  She is very intelligent and very busy with her own business.  She controls the time we communicate, test, e-mail talk on the phone.  She is not very forthcoming with her emotion, but I am.  I am very emotional, sensitive and need to be told that someone actually cares.

She is far more experienced than me with women so I feel inadequate she has asked me on a few occasions what it is that I want.  I keep telling her what we are doing is good enough for me.  I got upset the last time we talked because she asked me again.   How do I stop coming across as so needy and apologize for pushing her to tell me she likes me.

Hello Morgan,

That is a tough question. I usually answer questions about sex in a relationship, not the relationship itself.

If you are inexperienced, it is probably hard for you to not feel more "needy" than her, and to want to have verbal affirmations, that she likes you. I don't think it is wrong to want that actually. And, there is nothing wrong with waiting to see where a relationship is going and just enjoy that.  Maybe you just want to be with her when you can right now and that is enough. See where it evolves?

Maybe you should also ask her what she wants? Perhaps then she would be more forthcoming with you as well.

There are no easy answers to relationship issues (I wish there were), but do what feels right to you. And, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel wanted, and having your lover tell you so.


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