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I'm really into this girl, like she's so perfect to me, I love every single thing about her. Her smile and how nervous he gets around me. We kissed today.. We should be togheter but there's one thing stopping us. We both have girlfriends. I don't wanna fall for her really hard and then end up getting my heart broken but at the same time, I don't wanna punk out now and regret it later.. I really like this girl.. And at the moment me and my girlfriend are fading away.. Meanwhile her girlfriend cheated on her and she was so sad , it literally broke my heart... I know that if she was mines I'd never intentionally hurt her. What should I do? Pursue her or let it be? I want her so much..

Hi Angela,

I think you know (deep down) what you should do in your situation. It sounds like you both have already let go of your girlfriends and are focused on each other. It is only fair to your girlfriend for you to come clean about this other girl and do the right thing and break up with her. If you start right up with the other girl, that's fine, but you have to respect your current girlfriend and tell her everything that has been going on and do the right thing.

Once you have broken up with your current girlfriend, go ahead and pursue the other girl. You already want to be with her and your current girlfriend is "fading away". Your heart is already set on the other girl so go for it. You know she likes you so why not?

Good luck with everything. Be kind to your girlfriend when you tell her everything. Remember, she deserves repect and at one point, you did love her too and she deserves to know the truth of what has been going on and then she needs to be set free so she can find the person she is meant to be with. I wish you the best with the new girl.

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I can answer questions about lesbian relationships, dating, coming out, what to do if you like someone who isn't a lesbian, and how to know if you or someone else is a lesbian. I am also willing to be a friendly ear to anyone who just needs someone to talk to-sometimes that is all we need.


I am a lesbian and have lived openly for over 15 years. I had to figure lesbian life out on my own because it wasn't socially acceptable when I came out. I belonged to gay clubs in college and have pretty much seen it all in the gay community. i am currently in a very happy lesbian relationship but I had to date a lot of toads before I found my princess. I've always been the advice giver for my friends. I just like to see people happy and talking to someone on the outside of the situation usually helps.

I volunteer for the local YMCA and served as a Big Sister until the local chapter ran out of money and closed.

I have an Associate's Degree in Humanities and a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications.

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