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Lexus Repair/external door handle Lexus ES300 1996


garc649 wrote at 2009-11-29 04:57:45
lexus handles and toyota door handles break where a push rod fits thur a hole on the door handle. It opens from the inside but not the out, right. And when you operate the window it makes a strange sound? Thats the pus rod that broke away from the door handle jaming on the window.Fix get a new handle 170.00 at the dealer or try to find one on the internet. Good luck I haven,t found one yet.

Ken Austin, Texas wrote at 2013-07-13 20:02:55
The situation I had was that the plastic clip at the door handle linkage was broken.  I accidentally bent the control linkage when I installed a new clip.  This resulted in the passenger door failing to lock, or be opened from inside.  I took the entire lock assembly out of the door and un-bent the end at the lock.  This solved the problem.

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