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Frank wrote at 2013-03-06 21:05:18
This "expert" is a misleading propagandist. The Rep Party of today is about the same or even mora liberal than when Reagan. The Democ-rat party has gone wild, hiacked by radical liberals from the left who have been laying in wait for a long time. To say he raised taxes is a misleading statement b/c in context, Reagain cut government waste like no other, and set meaningful gov projects with a vision to the future, which left the US in a stronger position ( ). Justice O'Connor at the time was a moderate conservative, there was no way for Reagan to know she'd rule in a case in favor of legalized abortion ('Connor#Appointment ). The context in which he advocated for reduction in nuclear weapons was very different from today. By using that strategy he got the USSR to disarm themselves. The "expert" also "missed" that Obama got the Peace Prize w/o having done a thing--the prize's supposed to be awarded for things achieved--and he's shooting drones in different countries, and still have the war but he's got the prize w/o accomplishing anything!

This "expert's" explanation is full of half factoids & out-of-context comparisons that would make others believe Reagan was liberal :-D

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I have always had a passion for United States politics both Republican and Democrat. I can answer questions relating the history of both politial parties, party politics and issues that both parties have historically championed. In addition, I am a proud member of the Progressive Democrats of America. I have a strong understanding of liberal values and liberal domestic public policy.


I have worked for major liberal candidates both on the national and state level especially in Pennsylvania. I am a member of the Progressive Democrats of America, that represents the left wing of the Democratic Party. There was a time in my life when I was a liberal Republican and was active in party politics. That was especially true in 1976 and 1978. I was President Ford's Chairman at the University of Ok and met both the President and his son Jack. In 1978, I was active in the Senator Edward Brooke campaign. After 1980, I became less involved as the Republican Party moved ever more to the right. Since 1987, I became active in Democratic politics in Philadelphia. I have a passion for party politics and have an extensive library on American politics.

I attended the University of Oklahoma and transferred to the University of Mass in Boston and graduated with a BA in history in 1979. I earned academic honors in 1978. I have attended Graduate School at the University of Ct and OK in International Relations. I have always had a strong interest in academics. I have attended several vocational technical schools as well, earning academic honors. I was trained to be an Intelligence Analyst in the US Army from1979-83.

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I earned academic honors at UMASS in Boston in 1978. I earned the Army Commenda- tion and Army Achievment Medals while stationed in Germany and Ft. Bragg, NC. I was trained as an Intelligence Analyst. I also earned academic honors at several voccational technical schools between 1996-2008.

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