Kat79 wrote at 2013-08-30 08:36:41
I don't want to interrupt, but I'm working on a theory about the left and right paradigm that says to the left is more government and to the right is less. It would probably be more correct to say that to the left is collective and the right individual. Possibly more accurate is morality, but I do not wish to offend or proselytize here.

To the point, I believe several of our Founding Fathers mentioned that there can be no liberty without morality. This occurred to me when I too was grappling with whether I agree with legalized prostitution. We could say that it's your body to do with as you wish; it's an agreement made between buyer and seller and the others who manage that business. But pretty soon disease begins to spread, it spreads to such a degree that people begin to petition the government for a solution to fix the problem, then taxpayer have to come up with a cure. Sort of like AIDS, or gonorrhea? Things such as prostitution quite often lead to collective dependency.

I still don't have the answer. Prostitution is listed among most socialists' and communists' agendas as far as I've seen. So is legalizing marijuana, which I believe was once legal when prostitution was not. Perhaps that could give a lead to others finding an answer?  


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