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Hi, I was wondering what it's going to take before broadcast news (and others) stop putting little D's, R's and I's next to politicians' names.. I looked up old elections and saw who ran. They had labor parties and socialists and so forth. Now they're calling libertarians "republican," with that darn "(R)" next to their name, and I feel the need to correct someone "but they're republican.." "No they aren't."  Who's orchestrating this anyway? I feel like petitioning but wouldn't even know where to start. This just feels like false advertisement having 315 plus million really just piling under two parties....

~ Kat

P.S. I consider myself conservative-libertarian.
Nope, not expecting to see that on a ballot, or "(CL)", anytime soon!

Kat, thanks for the question.

The news gives party designation based on what party that politician was affiliated with at the time of the election that got him/her into office (unless otherwise reported by the politician).  For example, Rand Paul's policy is pretty clearly a conservative-Libertarian like yourself.  However, like his dad, he ran & won an election running as a Republican, hence the tag.

Some politicians (i.e. Specter, Lieberman, etc.) have announced mid-term that they're switching parties (or leaving one), at which point the news tag shows their current affiliation.

I understand your frustration, but there is no one you can petition for this tagging.  Until a candidate wins an election and is ON THE BALLOT as an (L), it will continue to get reported based on what ticket they were on when they won.

Thanks again for taking the time to write.  Please feel free to touch base again if I can help you with anything else.  


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