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Pussy Riot’s protest performance on the soleas of Moscow’s Cathedral deeply offended many Orthodox Christians. Would Mill have defended them against the charge that they should have chosen a less controversial place for their political process?

Hello, Dianna.  Thank you for the question.

As you clearly have knowledge of John Stuart Mill, and I am a bit weak in the depth of his work, this answer may seem a bit shallow so bear with me as I justify it.

In short; yes I DO believe Mill would defend Pussy Riot for their performance at the cathedral, and I base it on two things: 1) His general advocacy of freedom of speech and 2) (And this is mostly just to dig it in a bit) Mill seemed to be almost Jeffersonian in his belief (and wariness) that organized religion in general is most successful when it can direct your thinking ("what to think" and "why to think it").

Given those two perspectives of Mill (free speech & "speaking" at a place of organized religion) makes me think he would defend them...Sprinkle in his advanced thinking (for the time) of the rights of women...And I'm thinking he might have even bought tickets!

Thanks again for contacting me.

Sean Campbell  


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