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"I'm a stresser and worryer, but I need some help on accepting this one and maybe you can calm me down a bit, that would be a blessing. I'm 30. I found some white hairs (3) since 28. Now recently I found another right next to one I had, and they're close to the temple. So now I"m worrying that I'm going to gray fast because of their location, which I know that the majority of people begin to know they're going gray when the temples fill in. I hope that is not true for me, as my family tends to gray (noticeably) in their 40's. I hope it's just a coincidence that they happen to be in that area. But this fear to look in the mirror and find more, is rough because I'm not accepting this very well. I try and calm myself saying you can dye it. But then I'll become fanatic about making sure I dye it in time before roots show!! It's hard enough to know you're gettnig old, but to feel like you're the only one at 30 to have gray hairs is worse. And it seems like such a trivial issue and it is compared to other issues, but it's affecting me and I could use some help and to know this isn't going to happen within a year. I"m not good with sudden changes. Thanks for your time and insight!"

Hi, Andrea!

First, let me reassure you that gray hair can come at any age. My mother, who is now 50, has had gray hairs since her 20s. Yes she would dye her hair, but she's not too concerned about it.

With that being said, I am 31 and have just started learning about hair color in cosmetology school. While the stress and worry isn't helping you, gray hair is absence of color as it grows out of your scalp. Now that know that fact, you can deal with the issue of color.

If you want to test out some color and your reaction, try a temporary or semi permenent color, but go to a salon and have it done. That way the stylist can work with you and your hair and you'll see how you feel about the roots as they grow in.

Your worries are legitimate but don't let the fear of something that hasn't happened yet (having a full head of gray hair) keep you from enjoying and accepting what is really another stage of life.

I hope that helps. If I can be of further help, please let me know.

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