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I am going through a "psychological" problem these days...
its funny and serious at the same time. Its about my

See I have to study for just 2 more months and then I'll
graduate. So basically now I should be working very hard
right? But thats not happening. I am wasting my time,
knowing how important these 2 months are.

The main problem is in a subject called Soil Mechanics. The
subject is easy but the teacher is difficult! Actually I
dont like that teacher at all, to the extent that whenever I
even think about her, my mind blows up!

Now, this is whats happening in my subconscious mind: in my
subconscious mind, I have attached the emotions I have about
this teacher with the subject itself.

So that prevent prevents me from studying this subject.
Whenever I think about studying it, it reminds all about
that teacher, and how she failed me previously!! So I dont
feel like studying at all.

I know, thats a very childish behavior.... but whats the
solution?? Is this every student's nightmare?!

Hey, Osman!

First, let me say that I am sorry to hear about your troubles in that particular subject. However, you've done most of my job for me!

You already know what the problem is and how it is disrupting your last months of school.

But how to deal? That's the part that is entirely up to you. You only have control over your actions and thoughts. Think of how you feel if you had a difficult subject but a nice instructor. The instructor doesn't change the subject, only your approach to it.

I think we have all had our share of instructors who can make you want to dislike anything that comes out of their mouths. I have had plenty of these instructors. But I had to remind myself that I was not going to let their issues disrupt my goals. You are doing yourself a disservice by letting your feelings about the insrtuctor cloud your ability to study the subject.

And it's not that you just get over it. It's more of an acceptance of the situation, acknowledging what you have control over and what you don't. Once you can let go of what you can't change, life gets much easier. Remember that this instructor is not losing any sleep because you are stressing out. Don't give this instructor that kind of power of you.

Take back your power and finish your studies feeling great that you were able to overcome a difficult circumstance!

If you need more help, let me know! Good luck with your studies!

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