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Im 19, in college, and have a lot of goals in mind.
I want to eventually open a wellness center.
I struggle with: organization, commitment, focus, and taking care of my health...
I need to have a sense of accountability.
I hope to hear from you soon. =)

Dear Zu,
College is a great place to learn more about your goals and aspirations before starting your career in the “real world”. I think that getting very clear about what your goals are and how to achieve each goal will be helpful for you and increase motivation. You have stated that you feel that organization, focus, commitment, and taking care of your health are areas that need improvement. It may be helpful for you to really clarify what your goals are and then to give yourself actual steps to reaching each goal. For example:

Goal #1: I will improve my self-care in the next thirty days.
1. I will practice stress relief practices daily such as meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises.
2. I will exercise four times per week for at least thirty minutes.
3. I will decrease my consumption of sugary drinks, high fat meals, and increase fruit/veggies in my diet.

Then, it is very important to ask yourself what are the barriers to your goals. What is preventing you from feeling focused and committed? I wonder if you are not feeling committed due to being unsure about how you are going to achieve your career goal. Have you researched what it takes to start your own wellness center? Are there some things you can do now so that it will be easier to achieve this goal when you finish college?

Lastly, after you have figured out your goals, action plan, and barriers, I would hold yourself accountable by checking in with your own progress each week. If an action step is not being done, such as exercising 4x per week, then you need to re-commit to this step or re-evaluate it. In other words, if you are not doing it because it is unrealistic, then it is time to change the action step (ex: Exercise 3X per week). If you find that it is not enough to hold yourself accountable, then, I would recommend enlisting the help of a friend, significant other, or family member who can check in with you and hold you accountable.

I hope this helps and feel free to contact me again if you have more questions. Good luck!  

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I am a certified life coach and the types of questions I can answer revolve around managing stress, maintaining a favorable work/life balance, and obtaining optimal wellness. With experience in counseling and healthcare, I can answer questions about healthy ways to relieve stress such as through the use of techniques like meditation, physical activity, guided imagery, and deep breathing. I also can assist you in questions about how to manage your time more effectively. Other areas I specialize in are raising self-esteem, confidence level, and being assertive in your communication. I can answer questions in any of these areas as well as questions about improving wellness. I cannot answer strictly medical questions or questions about a specific diet for a medical disorder, however I am happy to respond to questions about preventive health such as how to eat healthier, start exercising, or how to make time for self-care. Additionally, I would be happy to answer questions about life coaching, what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you.


I have training and experience in counseling as well as nursing. I have worked as a counselor at a college counseling center and a residential treatment facility. My work has focused on helping people become more adept at managing stress, have healthier relationships, and increase well being. I also have years of experience working as a nurse in a behavioral health hospital where I learned about the importance of time management and effective communication. I have recently received training in life coaching which I believe is my life's passion. I love helping others to reach their highest potentials and realize their life dreams.

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