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MerisaI am 54. I have no major health issues, apart from being moderately overweight.
I used to be a weekend warrior, playing slow pitch, spoccer, and hockey.
I seem to have lost interest in playing these sports in the last few years. I still enjoy watching them.
I have tried to get back the 'fire in my belly' by going out and kicking a ball around, and I just got back from the rink. Although the ability is still there, although somewhat diminished, the desie to join a team is mostly gone.
Is this common to a guy my age? I am not depressed, and in fact I am quite content to just kick back and read books during my off time. That is something I havent enjoyed doing for a long time.
The possibilty of injuring myself is always on my mind,in fact I am just now getting over a torn ACL from soccer two years ago.
I have heard that participation in team sports for men drops off after age fifty, and the couple times I did go out to play soccer and hockey with a people from work-I work for a big outfit over 1000 people-I was the oldest guy there.
I am quite happy taking it easy, and I still enjoy working out at home on my elliptical and lifting weights. I just want some confirmation that it is normal-or not- for a guy my age to lose interest in actually plying team sports.
Thanks and happy new year!

Dear Barry,
I hope that I find you well and enjoying the holiday season. You raise an interesting question: is it normal for men after age fifty to no longer be interested in playing team sports?
Im thinking that it depends on the guy and his particular situation. In your case, you had an ACL tear a couple of years ago and I think most people in your situation would be very nervous about re-injuring the area-and yesI think its normal to be concerned and to be cautious when engaging in the activity where you injured yourself. Having the fear of injury in the back of your mind could definitely take the joy out of playing a sport.
I also wonder if you have been a little isolated socially since having the injury. Did you miss some work? Im sure that you had to rest your leg for a period of time after the ACL tear so this would mean that you weren't able to play sports like soccer, hockey, and slow pitch that you used to really enjoy. Many people recovering from an injury or illness spend much more time alone and this can lead to social isolation-you disconnect from your friends due to being limited by the injury.
Sometimes, after a period of time, you get used to being alone and start to be very comfortable doing things by yourself like reading, watching sports on TV etcThere is nothing wrong with this, however, you do miss out on time with the guys-those social connections that used to really be enjoyable. I could be wrong, but something tells me that you might be looking for that social element that you used to get from sports but now have concerns about whether you can actually do the activities. Also, being a bit older and having a little more weight can cause concerns with athletic performance, BUT, this in no way prevents a person from engaging in sports, as you probably know!
These are a few suggestions but please take these as suggestions only.
1. Have you spoken to your doctor recently and could he/she shed some light on what activities you are allowed to do 2 years after the injury? Maybe do some research on the subject of ACL tears.
2. In the meantime, what activities do you enjoy doing with other people that are less physically rigorous? Golf, chess, going to games with a friend some thoughts!
3. That is great that you are doing weights and the elliptical-you will rehabilitate faster from your injury with this activity. Is there a way that you could join a gym or fitness center? Fitness centers can be good places to socialize especially if you can get a friend to come along.
I hope that you are able to find a way to bring back the joy that came from playing team sports-whether its a new interest or rekindling some of your social connections. I hope that this was helpful and good luck to you.


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