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Hi, I am a LPC-I and am formulating a reference page to give future clients related to books, podcast, Ted talks,apps ect to recommend for various topics from depression to PTSD. Basically all the general topics individuals seek therapy.If you have a list of favorite quotes, that too would be helpful. I would love to see the list that you recommend.


I don't even know where to begin.  For quotes, I would have them follow me on Twitter, if that is ok, I put a daily quote for motivation and perspective every day  @The_Life_Coach.  I will not try to sell them anything as this account is only for quotes.

Time power by Brian Tracy
Its Not Easy Being Green - Jim Henson

I hope this helps. I will try to think of more.  

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Matthew Halloran


I am able to answer questions such as "could I use life coaching or therapy, and what is the difference?" "How can I improve my parenting skills?" "How can I implement consequences with my kids (step-family) and improve my children's overall behavior?" "How do I choose a coach?" "How do I parent my GLBT children?" "How do I come out to your family?" How do I parent adult children with severe and persistent mental illnesses?" "How do I set goals and actually achieve them?" "How can I start my own small business?" "How do I apply for government contracts?" "Who can I find to hold me accountable?" "What is the history of life coaching?""How do I become a life coach?" "How do I market myself?"


I was a family teacher at Girls and Boystown for five years helping over 100 kids and families manage and live more successfully as a family. I worked in home support for adults with severe and persistent mental illness and worked closely with their families. I focused on life coaching in my masters degree in mental health counseling and I have a graduate certificate in life coaching from one of two universities in the nation that can grant that certificate. I founded a Professional Coaching, Training and Consulting Company called Basha Services.

AGLIBIC (Association for GLBT clients in counseling), PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays), American Counseling Association, and Bellevue University Alumni Association.

Journal Of Financial Planning, RIA Biz, Dow Jones Advisor.

I have my BS in Professional and Applied Ethics and my Masters Degree in Human Services with a focus on Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching.

Awards and Honors
Graduated with my Masters Degree with a 4.0 GPA. Navy achievement medal, three letters of commendation (Navy), Persian Gulf War Veteran and Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (Navy).

Past/Present Clients
I currently coach clients on starting business, personal goal attainment and marketing their new business. I have exited the therapy field to pursure coaching as a full time profession.

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