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I have basic dental coverage through work. I'm an adult and need some work done including braces. Is there a supplemental insurance or an insurance for orthdontics that really helps with the cost? I have seen many discount plans and am not sure if they work. Can you provide information about my nest options to help pay orthodontic problems. Thanks

Hello Leigh:

Are you certain that your current dental plan does not cover, or offer a discount, on braces? Most do.
Possibly your current coverage will be of no help to you regarding braces and other major dental work, and if this is the case then a discount plan is the way to go most likely.

Would you mind responding to this message with the name of your dental plan, or a link to the outline of coverage it offers? Also, are you willing to switch dentists to get a better price on your dental work? It's quite possible, after you do your homework and find the best price, that you can ask your current dentist to match it. But first you need a firm price from your current dentist of all worked needed so that you can compare other plans and dentists. Also ask your current dentist what discount plans they participate in. Once I hear back from you I'll Google some available plans in your area and offer a few recommendations. It is possible to save hundreds of dollars, maybe a thousand or more, by shopping, it just takes time and effort. I'll also look to see if there are any dental colleges in your area with clinics offering half-price deals.

I am licensed in Arizona and Rhode Island, so I won't be offering to sell any policies to you, simply making suggestions.

Await to hear from you,

Mike Higgins

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