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I think that CSRE Major Medical Insurance is a scam. I have asked for data such as the percentage of claims they have paid out, etc. Whenever I call they say The computer is out. I am 83, and have been paying premiums for over 30 years! I am afraid they might drop me if I make a claim. How can I check n this companies reliability? Thank you.

Dear Mr. Schachter,
I am not familiar with CSRE Major Medical insurance, but I definitely know what you should do in order to get your questions answered.  You should call the New York State Department of Financial Services.  The people there should be able to help you.
The telephone number for the fraud division is (800) 342-3736.  I recommend that you have your policy handy when you make the call as they will want some information from it.
Best of luck in getting your issues resolved.

William Hezzelwood
Actuarial Analytics
San Clemente, CA

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