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Hello Gene,
I want to change the actual amount of money that is to be distributed to certain family members, in my life insurance policy.

Do I do that through a last will and testament ? Or through the insurance company directly ?

The beneficiary's will stay the same. I just need to change the amount of money that goes to each beneficiary.

Thanks for your time in answering !!


Great question and thank you for taking the time to ask.

Since it sounds like you have a will and I am not sure how it is worded, I am going to say you need to adjust both. The will usually is the final say but I am one for caution more than ease in areas like this.

What I would advise is that you contact your life insurance carrier and get them to send you a change of beneficiary form. Now, you said the people were not changing and that's fine but the original contract has the percentages and so you need to reallocate by going through it that way.

Then I would contact the one who handles your will and make that necessary adjustment. Many times in a will you can stipulate it as this: "All life insurance proceeds are to be distributed per the beneficiary designations assigned within the policy." That way, if you ever have a change again your will stays the same.

I hope that makes sense.

Good luck and know I'm here for you. Thanks for stepping into my office.

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