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My husband of 23 years have a life insurance long time ago before his first wife died. I am not sure if he changed his benificiary on his life insurance but he have his late wife's as a beneficiary and in case of her death all money in his life insurance will proceed to all his surviving kids. He changed his will since his first wife died and I am the trustee and he also told on his will that I will get 75 % of his life insurance and 25 % of it goes to his daughter. He died and I am not sure if my husband had changed his beneficiary on his life insurance long time ago. IF  he did not, will the money on his life insurance goes to me or to her daughter, if in case the life insurance beneficiary did not got changed? Please advise


First of all I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. It's never easy.

As for who gets what, the final say usually lands in the will. In many cases if the life insurance proceeds are not listed for who gets what then the life insurance policy designation is the default answer.

That's  the main reason why I always tell clients that they should evaluate life insurance beneficiaries and amount at least every year or right after any major events in their life (marriage, divorce, birth, death, etc).

I hope this helps. The real final answer is in the hands of the legal staff in charge of the estate and how the will reads as well as the consideration of the life insurance verbiage.

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