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should life insurances know the clients medical history before insuring,or go on what the client put on application?

As you might expect, the answer to your question is..."it depends".
There are life insurance companies that will issue coverage based solely on the applicant's representations on the application, but only on younger applicants and only for smaller amounts of coverage.  If an applicant is older or wants a large amount of insurance, the company won't be willing to take on the risk without getting some independent medical information.  Most often they will engage a medical examining company to visit the applicant at their home or where they work.  The examiner will nearly always take a urine specimen and sometimes even a blood sample. Hair follicles (for certain drug tests) are also used.  The examiner will also complete a comprehensive medical history questionnaire.
Be advised that any false representations made in applying for life insurance can carry harsh legal risks in addition to potentially voiding the contract.  
I hope this answers your question.  If not, please let me know.
Bill Hezzelwood

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