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You've been asked about this company before and you suggested including a policy number.  I have 2 policies that my grandfather purchased at least 40 years ago and I need to know if the policies are still in effect.  I've tried in vain to contact someone online.  The policies were purchased by Woodrow W McCord for Derek McCord (policy# 6911493) and for Ramona McCord (policy# 6911494).  Any direction you can give me would be most appreciated.

Dear Ramona,

National Savings Life Insurance Company of Murfreesboro, TN was acquired by Victory Life Insurance which in turn was acquired by United Fidelity Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, MO. Over the years, blocks of NSL policies have been sold to various carriers so it might take some detective work to find which company is now servicing your policy.

If I were you, I would start with talking to someone at United Fidelity.

Willard R. Brumbaugh, LUTCF
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