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I visited my agent to inquire about annuities and my options with life insurance proceeds since my ex-husband was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and I still had a policy on him.
At the same time I requested a beneficiary change on my personal policy. The policy numbers are one digit apart.
You can see what's coming: the agent changed the beneficiary on the wrong policy, the one for my ex-husband.
My ex-husband passed away in February. It took a while to get the death certificate, and I just submitted my claim to the insurance company at the beginning of June.
I just received the confirmation notice that the beneficiary was changed on the policy on my ex-husband, but it's dated before his death.
It's not a problem to get the insurance proceeds from my daughter, but since it would be considered a gift from her to me I would have to pay income tax on the money if it is passed to me in this way.
What recourse do I have with the agent / company? He remembers our conversation and admits that the beneficiary was changed on the wrong policy, but what do I do to get them to reverse this to prevent the tax liability? He is telling me that he's not sure he can get it corrected retroactively.
Thank you.

Your question is a legal one and should be answered by an attorney, but I do recall that there are provisions in the law in some cases for making retroactive changes in contracts in order to correct clerical errors.  It sounds like this was just a clerical error as it seems all parties agree that the change that was requested by  you was made incorrectly.  What I don't know is if that principle can be applied in this case.  I'm sure that an good business attorney can help.

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