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Mr. Claborn,
My sister lost her job in November of 2012, and is still out of work.  She kept her health insurance via COBRA, but it is rather expensive since she's paying for it out of savings every month.
Since she has had no income, would she be eligible for government assistance (under the ACA) to help pay for her health insurance through COBRA?


I apologize for the delay. I just got married and was on my honeymoon!

Anyway...Government assistance is always dictated by disability status or income status. Since she has no income, she is more than likely eligible for government assistance through welfare or a similar program. If she is disabled, she can have government assistance through Medicare. COBRA is unlikely to help her pay for her premium. She might consider ending COBRA, since the premiums are usually in excess of $300/month and applying for a government assisted program or a higher deductible individual policy.

Hope this helps, and again, I apologize for the delay!

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