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My husband and I are self employed (no employees) our Golden Rule HDHP Insurance has 'gone through the roof' We have decided to 'drop' him off the policy (because of the cost) as he is 60% VA disabled and gets his medical care from the VA. I am applying for individual Ins through the IHC Group but I do have some pre-existings, not serious but I think they may bump the price up or even have a waiting period.
Would I be better staying with Golden Rule and changing to an individual policy with Golden Rule where they don't ask for medical history (although it is a very high deductible and the premiums are high)(also there is no preventative care paid or put to deductible) and waiting until 2014 before I apply for a different Insurance. We live in Wyoming.  
Thank you


Great question and I'm honored you reached out to me.

The reality is come October 1, 2013 (for now) the health care exchange options through the government will be opened and those will also be options. My biggest concern with UHC is that in California they seem to be getting out of the individual market. The pre-ex doesn't concern me because all carriers have to allow everyone. What that means looks like the premiums will be whatever they want it to be, but they will be across the board based on age and such so pre-ex is not that big a deal...or shouldn't be.

The key in your question sounds like "what do I do now?". Is that right? If that is the basic question, then you hang on to what you have but get on the phone with your Golden Rule rep and talk it out. See when they go "no pre-ex" and get some hard and fast professional advice. If you feel like you are being "sold" because he is part of the carrier covering you, check the website to find a professional and ethical independent agent in your area to discuss options they may know of as opposed to your current situation. Many states are dividing up on certain health issues related to carriers and coverage so that's why I'm having you go to a local agent in your area.

I am here if you get stuck and I can try to help you find an agent if you have trouble in the website.

Until then, I'm always a post away.

Gene Ramsay

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