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I am a member with MDIPA for several years now. I have the family plan that includes my daughter. I just recently discovered that even though I have been paying for family' the insurance provider has me inserted as under single coverage. The fee's have been deducted from my pay since the beginning of 2013- to present. Once I finally got someone on the phone from MDIPA' I was instructed to contact my H.R. staff to have them send the correct information. H.R .told me they do have me under the family plan My problem is what happens to the 9-10 mos. of fees I have paid w/o any coverage for my daughter' Thanks

Generally speaking if the Insurance company accepted premiums which would equal that required for family coverage they are going to be held liable.  e.g. if a life insurance company accepts premiums which exceed the actual premium required courts will hold the insured would be entitled to a level of coverage which the premiums paid would equal.  So in your case if the company accepted premiums equal to family coverage (and the most comprehensive family plan that premium would fund) then that is what you should get.

These things happen, some minimum wage worker hit's the wrong key, and, well as they say junk in, junk out.  IMHO your companies HR has the onus because they withheld enough money from your gross pay to fund family coverage.  I'd think you would be held harmless since to your knowledge the appropriate premium was paid and it is reasonable to believe you were getting what you paid for.  

In the end I would think it is highly likely HR and the carrier will work it out, and if someone did have a claim, prior or current it would be paid.

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