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I am in the process of looking into obtaining life insurance.  My husband wants to schedule a minimally invasive surgery to relieve pressure on a nerve in his neck.  Would having an upcoming surgery scheduled affect the process of getting approved for life insurance, and if so, how?

Hello, that's a great question.  In fact, just about any upcoming medical procedure (preventative, diagnostic, surgical) that has not yet taken place at the time of an insurance application for a fully-underwritten product will indeed cause the insurance company to ask for a postponement until the event is completed and the outcome is known (and any applicable recovery completed).

I've had applicants with scheduled colonoscopies, MRIs, etc who were unable to get insurance until after they were done, so it would be expected that it would be difficult to obtain life insurance prior to the completion of this surgery.

I hope this helps, thanks!

Mike Feinberg

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