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Hi if I forgot to mention I was Hosp for a hernia operation in last 12 months would that void my policy if they found out. I just realized my surgery was TEN months ago. This is for me a 65 female for a 50 k whole life policy. Otherwise all else is fine. I am currently a non smoker quit over a year ago. This life ins requites no med exam. Pls advise about whether not saying anything bout hernia op since I fidntrealize it was 10 mos ago will void my policy if found our. Pls advise thank u

Hello, Carol:

Simply call your insurance company and let them know of your past medical history that you forgot to mention on the application. It is very important that you do this, as not doing so will certainly be grounds to void the policy most likely. My educated guess, (and that's all it is, a guess,) is that the past hernia operation will not affect your premium too much, if at all, and I very much doubt they will cancel the policy once you tell them. People forget to mention past medical conditions often. I have been in the health insurance business over three decades, and I forgot to mention a condition on a health insurance application a few years ago, it happens. (I let the insurer know once I remembered.) In any case though, you must let the insurer know as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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