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QUESTION: Hi I am 65 yo female and am getting coverageceith no med exam setup. I was wondering if u think it is not a big deal not to mention I was Hosp in last 12 mos for hernia. I talked to others and they said irbisnt a big deal. Pls advise thanks

ANSWER: If the application asks about any hospitalizations in the last 12 or more months, and you fail to mention that you were hospitalized, your policy could be voided if it is discovered during the contestable period.  It would more than likely be considered a material misrepresentation which isn't a good idea for you.

I can't comment on whether admitting the hernia will affect your eligibility for the product, of course -- I wouldn't think it would but I'm not familiar with the product you're applying for and that wouldn't affect my ultimate answer, which is that I would advise against intentionally withholding information that is asked about on an insurance application.

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QUESTION: Hi what is the contestable period mean? My policy is for a whole life 50k policy. Do u know if having hernia op in last 12 mos will affect whether I get accepted for policy? Pls advise thank u

The contestable period is typically the first 2 years of an insurance policy.  If a material misrepresentation on the application is found during the first 2 years of an insurance policy, the policy can be rescinded or voided, even if you were to die during the first 2 years.  

Whether that would happen or not in your case is impossible to say for sure -- I am just making you aware of some common terms of insurance contracts and that it is not a good idea to intentionally answer an application question with an inaccurate answer.

I also don't have the ability to know what impact, if any, the hernia operation would have on your ability to obtain the policy.  It depends on the individual underwriting guidelines of the insurer.  My opinion would be that it shouldn't cause a problem, but that is purely an opinion and there's no way for me to be sure as I am not an underwriter for the company you're applying with.

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