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We have come across an old life insurance policy issued to my deceased father.  We think it was something he signed up for as a GI  August 1, 1943.  
What we have is a very "official" looking document with this info printed on the top:
Guardian Life of Texas
Old Line Legal Reserve
Dallas, Texas
No. 45789-G

At the bottom:

Is there any way I can follow up on this policy?  I have already contacted Guardian and they have nothing on file.
I would appreciate any advice you may offer.
Thank you!

First, on this solemn anniversary of D-Day (this Friday) allow me to thank your deceased father for his service to our great country.
I have several suggestions for you.
1. Life insurance company names can be very confusing as many of them sound the same.  You said you contacted "Guardian".  There are many companies that have that word in their company name.  To clear this up you should make a photocopy of the policy's face page and send or fax it to the Texas state insurance department along with other information such as the policy issue date.  They should be able to tell you if the issuing company is still in business or, if not, the company that took over their policies.  Once you're certain that you have identified the proper company, they should be able to track down the policy.
2. If you don't get anything useful in step #1, try contacting the "escheated records" department of both Texas and the state where the policy was originally issued (this is usually the state where the applicant resided when the policy was applied for).  It is very likely that, when your father's 100th birthday rolled around (assuming he was born prior to 1914), the contract was terminated as a death claim and that an unsuccessful attempt was made to contact the beneficiary.  In that case, companies generally send the proceeds to the state of issue as "unclaimed funds".  There are services out there who will try to charge you for retrieving these funds, but don't fall for that.  Just go the the State Controller's web site and there will be a search feature that you can use.  You'll need first and last name and date of birth.
Good luck.  Let me know how this works out.
Bill Hezzelwood

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